Dear Prime Minister May

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Dear Prime Minister Theresa May,

I met Alfie the pig the other day. He asked me to transcribe his words into a letter to you.He was really nervous and wasn’t sure how to address you.

Dear Prime Minister,

I don’t blame you, Theresa. I love you. I know you can’t see or feel what I am seeing and feeling.

I don’t think you can be aware of what you have done, because if you were I know you wouldn’t have done what you just did >>>

You are a good person and are doing your best with what you know and believe. I just don’t want history to judge you as one of the key protagonists in the worlds most violent acts against humanity. Yes, humanity. This impacts humans as much as it does animals.

I believe that you really care and by caring and doing your job that often means making really difficult decisions that are not going to benefit everyone but are for the greater good. I get that. It must be a really tough job.

It seems that this is what you think you are doing by voting to scrap the EU legislation that sees non-human animals as sentient beings. But in truth, no one is benefiting from this.

The moment a new human enters the world he or she is literally fed that it’s acceptable to value one living being’s life over another. That it’s acceptable that some living beings should endure violence, rape, enslavement and painful death for the sake of another.

Can’t you see Theresa? Can’t you feel? I beg you to.

This is the start of the separateness, the disconnection which is at the source of the abuse and violence that is all the world over.

Theresa, please be the first world leader to see that the rape, murder and abuse that we see all around us is the rape, murder and abuse we serve on our plates.

“When we cease to harm others, others will cease to harm you.”

We are helpless. But you are not.

I believe in you.

I wish it were true about pigs flying, as I would be on the plane to Downing Street to see you. But if you are ever in Pretoria, South Africa please feel free to come an visit us at Ashers Farm Sanctuary. Today, we got a new friend, her name is Babe. She jumped from a moving truck set for the abattoir. She left all her friends behind and somehow made it to us. You still think we don’t feel?Here’s to a healthier, happier and more compassionate world for us all to live in together.

With love and respect,


Ps. Please sign this Prime Minister. I wish I could sign it. Not even cats and dogs can sign this one. Let alone us pigs who barely even have our animal status in tact. We are close to getting 150,000 (human) signatures (imagine if animals could sign how many billion there would be!) which will enable the law to be reviewed. Then you can really show us the type of leader and human being that you are >>>

Pps. Please say hi to the Queen for me. I have been perfecting my wave should I ever get to meet her.


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In conventional speak, John McInroy is a South-African born social activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. In more authentic terms, Bodhi is a human you may see walking the streets barefoot trying to find new ways to tread as lightly as possible.

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