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No one is born hating another human. It is learned. Our natural state is to love. Nelson Mandela said something similar to this. 

If my tour of the US has showed me one thing It’s that the world doesn’t need any more hate or pain or suffering. That is everywhere. It is crying out for love. Connection. There can’t be enough love. It’s our way back to our natural state. Which is love. It is through love that we will be love again. 

“Seriously, I ask because I really care, and it’s important you don’t take anyone’s word for anything, especially mine.

This is now how I am.

White. Male. John. South African. English.

The question is, are we both seeing COLOUR, or are we born feeling life, feeling the living, feeling the miracle?

It’s important to think about this.

Let’s pretend for a moment our natural state is not to see the basic facts.

Not to use them against us.

Let’s pretend feeling is believing rather than seeing. The questions then becomes, what do you feel and why?

Do you feel anything? Really feel?

Some people believe our TRUE SELF, or NATURAL STATE, or maybe even our SOUL is a being that can feel its connection to all living creatures, to life itself.

I believe that, too:

Flip. I know it’s crazy but I do!

So, like, it’s not about seeing other but about feeling them. It’s not about seeing ourselves but about feeling ourselves.

It’s not about seeing the basic facts, but about feeling the basic truth. 

The basic truth is that we are living beings connected to all other beings in a massive breathing wholeness, a giant inhalation and exhalation of life. A living, cosmic, universal breath. 

When we become aware of this connection, we become aware of how harming others would be harming ourselves, and harming ourselves would be harming others.

In his more natural state of feeling rather than seeing, we don’t look, we feel. We don’t listen, we feel. We stare like Sinethemba over the heads of the known feeling for the smile we are familiar with, the touch of the eyes, the tremor of the voice, the tickle of the laughter.

Feel it?

No, really. I mean that.

See, this is why I am here now.

Staring into the illuminated 5,5 inch mobile phone screen under my thumbs, feeling for you, not the colour you, the size you, the sex you, the successful or not you. 


Just you. 

I love you. I really fucking do. Bodhi”

In our natural state we don’t see differences. “Others” no longer exist. So little harm can be done in this state! The best way to cultivate is through love. 

I choose love. 

I wanna thank the Vegan bros, Nick Lawson, Trevor BL and Heath for reminding me it’s all about the love and helping to shift something inside me as I have really been struggling of late as I become more aware of the unnecessary pain and trauma we inflict on ourselves and our fellow beings. 

The Vegan Bros published their first book “Vodka is vegan” (click this link to get your own copy via Amazon >>> In their own words “Everyone is doing it! Everyone is going vegan!!”) Their book basically says do your best. Drink alcohol. Be yourself. Do whatever the f you like. Be irreverent. Be whatever. But be kind. I don’t drink alcohol anymore but I swear a Fak load. And many people are quick to point this out to me. It feels like too many people are frowning upon my swearing (the Vegan bros use the m & the f word combined like every second sentence!) but eating animals is ok?! I would take a foul mouthed vegan anyday! Vegan is a loving practice. Not perfection! It just says “I’m doing my best to be as kind as possible” Everyone is doing it! You might as well join the love train now!! 

I choose love. 

What do YOU choose?


About Bodhi

In conventional speak, John McInroy is a South-African born social activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. In more authentic terms, Bodhi is a human you may see walking the streets barefoot trying to find new ways to tread as lightly as possible.


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