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Does the mind…

a) determine how far we can push our body?
b) provide a safety net to prevent us from pushing beyond what our body is capable of?
c) simply limit us from ever experiencing what our body is capable of?

I’m sure we can all remember at some point in our childhood when our parents or some adult in our care said: “Come inside before you catch a cold or don’t go outside without a jacket otherwise you will catch a cold?”

You really think you will catch a cold from being out in the cold? You don’t think that our bodies will respond to the temperatures outside by using internal mechanisms to heat the body from the inside to compensate for the lack of heat outside of it. Putting the jacket on simply overrides the internal temperature regulation process that is taking place in the body and tells it not to bother. And in any case who said being cold in the first place was such a bad thing? If it wasn’t for our mind (and our parents!) telling our bodies that it’s freezing and it sucks to be cold, our bodies would simply observe the temperature and respond accordingly without any fuss. The body is indifferent to whether the body is hot or cold or at a perfect temperature, it will simply act on what it experiences without attaching anything further to it.

Let me try explain better.

On Sunday I ran the Hamburg Marathon. I experienced a couple of personal breakthroughs!

First I realized why I don’t feel comfortable at the pre race Expos. I have felt this way for some time at Marathon Expos but wasn’t really clear on why I felt like this (other than the gross overuse of temporary plastic for our own pleasure that simply adds to our pile of unnecessary human waste once the marathon rolls out of town. And the balloons at the start of the race – really Hamburg ?? No one gives a fuck where they fly off to?! As long as it looks nice for the start of the marathon that’s all that matters! Ok ok, let’s not digress!!)

The Expo is literally a mind fuck! If I ever wanted to describe to someone what I thought a mind fuck was this was it! What I mean by this is that everything you see sold at the Expo to the runner is something that is purely appealing to the mind of the runner because none of the products are needed by the body! Socks that lift your arches, compression tights that will change your life, shoes with the latest designs that you can’t do without, processed gels that give you the energy to finish the race, recovery products, watches that can give you every bit of information known to man – you frikkin name it! This is all total bullshit and full on mental masturbation that is making people rich and taking us further way from our natural state that has more intelligence than any mind made product could ever claim to have! For example, do we realize the technology that is built into our feet free of charge and we spend our life overrding it with mind made shoe technology which happens to be one of the most lucrative industries in the world?!

I ran to the start of the race in my shorts and favorite Hawaiian shirt, so I didn’t have any warm clothes with me. In the opening few kilometers of the race it suddenly got really cold with hail coming down and a biting wind. (It’s true what they say about Hamburg weather especially in April! The expression in German about April in Hamburg – “April, April, der macht was er will” – “April, April, you do what you want!”) My hands were going pinky red and a little bit swollen. My body was simply doing its thing in the conditions it found itself in. It struck me that if I kept breathing and being fully present in my body by giving it the maximum amount of air (life force, fuel – call it what you want) possible, then this would effectively cut out my mind and not even give it a chance to tell my body that this state was really uncomfortable. Without the mind and providing the maximum amount of air, the body would just crack on and be able to operate at its optimum level to handle the conditions and not really give a shit too much about them – just another day in the office. Whereas the mind tends to make a big deal of them and in doing so making them even bigger and more dramatic than they are. Our body can handle so much more than we think!

So today, my question for you to ponder, does “mind over matter” still hold true according to popular belief or can we see how “matter over mind” can in fact be more powerful if we discover ways to switch off our mind and allow our magnificent body to do its thing uninhibited!

When I run without a watch for example I am allowing my body the freedom to express itself without my mind telling it how fast it should be running or can run. The greatest technology is at our disposal (built in! And without extra payment since we were born!) but most of us fail to use it as we are so busy feeding our mind! Perhaps many people are not even aware of how to be in the body let alone listen to it?

I have become really interested in the state of being “out of one’s mind” and in fact if someone describes me as “out of my mind” I will be delighted and know I am on the right track! So often being “out of our mind” has negative connotations but I truly believe it is the state that can change our lives and can change the world.

Over the past few months I have experienced some mega parties from the (in)famous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, to a seriously wild one night only in Miami baby, Paddy’s Day in Dublin, a Saturday night on the famous Stratumseind in Eindhoven, the mother of all weekends in Cologne – I realized why getting completely hammered on booze is so popular among so many people – its to get out of our minds!! When you are completely drunk, you are relieved of the mind and all that comes with it! The problem with this is we are just polluting our bodies in order to achieve this and in the process of disconnecting with the mind we are also disconnecting with the body. When we disconnect with our own bodies we also disconnect and disrespect the bodies of other people and beings.

To be “out of our minds” to me means to be without self imposed limitations. Think about how we are able to speak foreign languages with confidence when we are drunk or out of our minds – we basically have disconnected ourselves from the voice in our head saying we can’t do it. Imagine being able to live your life without limitations and exploring the full realm of our bodies intelligence? Not only will it be epic for you and fulfilling your own potential but it will also revolutionize how we treat and see others, as it is our minds that tell us that someone is black and hence we should treat differently, or gay, or whatever mind/ societal created difference that takes us away from our oneness with this beautiful being in front of us.

Luckily there is a way to get out of our minds without doing any harm to ourselves or others. And it’s something we can all do. It’s called breathing. The only problem is you can’t buy it at the Expo! Breathe deeply into your body and witness the wonder of it all!!

It was epic breathing with you Lukas! Thank you for your inspiration and love man! It’s crazy to think the last time we were in our red socks together was in Langa, South Africa and now in Hamburg, Germany! We are one!




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