What are we enabling our minds to prevent us from being?

By April 5, 2017My Blog

I will never forget walking past Kiki on the slack line in Cape Town.

I stopped to watch her and felt pretty captivated. She invited me to have a go!

It was terrible! I was so wobbly! I couldn’t stay up on the line without holding her or the tree or both! It was borderline embarrassing. Luckily I don’t bother with embarrassment anymore! It’s pointless and ultimately just a figment of our imagination because most people just don’t care enough about you to even notice!! We are free!

Anyway, you know that feeling when you say to yourself “this is not for me, I’m just not cut out for this”. We often say it regarding things like playing a musical instrument or speaking different languages. “I’m not musical or I’m just not good at languages”. It’s really believable right?

This is just our mind speaking and us accepting that as our reality. It’s total bullshit.

For the two days after I met Kiki we slack lined from morning to sunset; I fell and got back up, fell and got back up until all of a sudden something shifted in me. My body and all the intelligence it stores inside started to feel comfortable on the line. My mind was silenced!

I am by no means an expert but I did have a chuckle because I was walking with a special friend of mine in a park in Cologne, Germany on Saturday. We saw a family of 4 playing on a slack line. They were clearly beginners. I knew this moment very well. I went over, took my shoes off and jumped up on the line and spent some time sharing some of my experience and excitement just like Kiki did with me.

What was completely unattainable a few weeks ago, I was now demonstrating for others.

What else are we enabling our minds to prevent us from being?

Challenge the status quo! It isn’t really there – it’s in our minds! And we are not our minds and our minds are not us!

Thank you Kiki.


About Bodhi

In conventional speak, John McInroy is a South-African born social activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. In more authentic terms, Bodhi is a human you may see walking the streets barefoot trying to find new ways to tread as lightly as possible.


  • Krishna Prem says:

    hey u, kp here… enjoying your sharing… i am presently in amsterdam… r u still in koln…. plus i will lead a meditation playshop sunday april 23 in dusseldorf… maybe we can meet… love ay

    • John says:

      The great KP! We are so close! I would love to meet you! I’m now near Mannheim and not 100% sure of my movements! I was in Düsseldorf this weekend! A meditation playshop sounds like fun! I will email you and I am sure we will cross paths one of these days! Go well KP!

  • Kevin Bennett says:

    Quality John. Keep it up. Please read mindset by Carol Dweck and talent code by Daniel coyle. Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

    • John says:

      Thanks a lot Kev! I will check those books out! I’ve heard a lot of people talk about Daniel Coyle! Maybe it’s time I took a closer look! Appreciate your support brother!

  • Thulani Mthiya says:

    My globetrotting friend,
    No Thank you to kiki for enabling us this thought provoking article. Namaste!

    • John says:

      Molo Ta Thulani. Enkosi kakulu. Send my love to Umsilinga. Thank you for the light that you shine on SA children.

      • Thulani Mthiya says:

        We can only do so if we have unqualified support and encouragement to help our learners to think about issues and challenge their own thinking. Fortunately for me I have uNogwaja to accomplish that benevolent undertaking. Consequently, am now reading the book recommended to you by one of your followers yesterday, mindset. Read it!

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