What does Mother Theresa, Big Pharma, The Meat Industry and Cancer Charities have in common?

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Mother Theresa has done more harm than good.

I got your attention didn’t I?

I have to say I was really offended, affronted and perturbed by a challenge to the “undoubted” goodness of Mother Theresa when I first heard words to this effect. I mean it’s almost criminal to challenge one of the most pure good humans in the history of the world? The greatest selfless humanitarian of all time? I can hear you saying – Who do you think you are? I mean Mother T’s goodness is irrefutable right? It’s like a blow to the solar plexus and something deep inside you fights this statement and dismisses the person making it as a lunatic, cynic, even a sick person.

But what is this “undoubted” goodness based upon? Can we at least investigate a little further and you decide for yourself? Or is it sufficient to go with the “argument” that the whole world can’t be wrong. It seems “unanimous”? I mean we would have got to the bottom of the truth for sure and so it’s gotta be right? And if I think about it that’s exactly what my opinion of Mother Theresa was based upon. I had just taken what had been handed down to me as “the truth” and would have stern words with anyone who cared to mutter anything different.

But hang on. We know there have been many “status quo’s” or thoughts/ beliefs accepted by society and then adopted by the general populace that are just totally abhorrent. Right? Like Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, Slavery in USA. Explain why is it still possible that a black man flagging down a yellow cab in New York City is less likely to get picked up than a white man? Or you will more likely leave your laptop and personal affairs at a coffee shop with a white person in South Africa than a black person?

So let’s try to look at this objectively and at least we can have an opinion based on self enquiry and not just taking the truth as what is handed down to us.

Mother Theresa looked after millions (if that’s possible for one person) of impoverished child orphans. She was said to be a saint for her selflessness. The more impoverished children, the more saintly she was and became.

Mother Theresa and the Church actively condemned birth control and abortion. In doing so, this ensured the production of orphans into perpetuity. And ensured her saintliness and new members of the Church into perpetuity. Have you ever considered this? Surely preventing the orphans or reducing their number in the first place in an over populated world would be the most saintly thing to do? Mother Theresa’s goodness and the Church’s membership fed off the symptoms and relied upon them.

What does this have to do with Big Pharma, The Meat Industry and Cancer Charities?

Hear me out. I will show you a perspective to consider.

Big Pharma is vested in keeping us sick. The more sick people the more profits they will make and the more they will be regarded as people’s saviours.

Big Pharma does not even attempt to deal with the source of our disease. Only symptoms. It’s pretty simple, if there was a “free way” to prevent people from being sick, to address the source of the issue they will do everything in their powers to make sure this is not unveiled. This would be a disaster for them.

The Meat (& Fish) Industry is going to all lengths to disconnect themselves as the source of mass scale environment destruction (climate change and deforestation), unsustainable and gross water use, ocean dead zones, the most atrocious living being Holocaust in the history of the world (imagine your pet in a factory farm and if you have a problem with this stop pretending it is any different for another animal) and the countless health issues and life threatening diseases (like cancer, heart disease, diabetes to name a few) caused by meat especially processed meat in the human diet. You get the picture. And yet the Meat Industry rocks around the place with the story and invests billions of dollars to ensure this is the one being heard that they are solving world hunger and “humane” factory farming (there is no such thing as humane mass killing – that’s like saying the gas chambers in Nazi Germany were fast and efficient and therefore humane) is our only option. Try feeding humans with the grains you feed the animals with and see how the world changes. And just to be clear – if you eat meat as part of your regular diet you are increasing your chances of contracting one of the diseases significantly so you cannot be the victim here as much as everyone likes to believe. How often do you hear – I/ he/ she¬†was perfectly healthy and contracted cancer out of the blue. Sorry to say but if you eat meat this is bullshit and cannot ever be considered as out of the blue. You need to hear this. Whether you listen or not, or take responsibility or not is up to you.

A plant based diet: Healthier, kinder, more sustainable. Sounds like how we should treat a place we are visiting and a body we only have a finite period with?! But the Meat Industry will lose billions of dollars of their blood money. That’s exactly what it is. It’s blood money and the blood is on all our hands and is making the world sick.

Ask yourself:

Have you ever tried to eat a live animal with your teeth? If we were meant to eat animals/ flesh we would be able to do this instead of having to cook and tenderize our “catch”. Our teeth are not equipped for this. Can you imagine going on safari and seeing a pride of lions sitting around a fire cooking their antelope before tucking in?!

We are not even designed to eat meat and we certainly don’t need it to thrive. In fact the opposite applies, if you want to thrive: don’t eat meat! Why not give it a spin and see what happens?! You should see dramatic health changes pretty rapidly! Or if you prefer to take meds all your life and continue to destroy your body day by day feel free!

There is only one preventative method available to all of us today that we know of that has genuinely worked. And that’s adopting a plant based diet which just so happens to be “free” and will not make Big Pharma rich. No symptoms, no billion dollar industry.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

But then why on earth are there no Cancer or Diabetes charities (et al) that are trying to address the source? Early detection DOES NOT save lives. It provides more “customers” for longer for the Big Pharma and it provides more people for the cancer charities to “save”. The charities are also dependent on the symptoms remaining and are not working towards preventing them. How can it be that they celebrate the amount of sick people being treated and successfully living with the disease, instead it should be about how many less people contract the disease in the first place?

No wonder Big Pharma invest millions in such organizations/ charities/ NGOs and the research programs tasked with solving the problems – they are the ultimate recruitment/ marketing arms of their businesses dressed in selflessness and philanthropy. And the charities continue to grow and grow and bask in their glory! How lovely!

These sponsorships are actually ensuring the exact opposite of solving the problems; they are trying ensure we will remain in the dark forever, sick forever, unhappy forever and continuing to aid and abet the destruction of ourselves and the world around us, all in the name of profits for both the charities and the Big Pharma. Don’t be fooled charities are also businesses and this is also a multi billion dollar industry!

See the Sponsors of the American Diabetes Association, Susan & Komen Cancer charity and American Heart Association. Conflict of interests me thinks?!

How does that feel? Who’s the criminal now?

It looks like Meatloaf is still having the last laugh:

“I will do anything for love. But I won’t do that”

Big Pharma. The Meat Industry. Cancer Charities. Mother Theresa.

That’s what they have in common. They will do anything but not what will actually make the difference to the source of the matter. To actually prevent it from happening and show that they care for humanity and not just their profits.

It reminds me of Frank the Tank in Old School movie going streaking. “Everyone’s doing it” Thats exactly what they want us to believe and feel. Because everyone is doing it means nothing! Make your own mind up and understand what is unveiling right before your eyes. Understand that there are other options not like we are made to believe. Billions of dollars are invested into making sure we never get to the source of the matter dressed in the guise of research and serving humanity. This is fraud of this most indecent kind. This is criminal.

Big Pharma, The Meat Industry, Cancer Charities and Mother Theresa: You are doing (/did) way more harm than good and you know it.

You – the reader – can make the right choice though. And that choice can change your life and contribute to changing the world.

Soon everyone will be doing it! Let’s bloody hope so but don’t wait for everyone else to do it for you to change, what is right is not determined by the number of people, it is independent! And if nothing else this blog makes you stop and rationally consider what is thrust before you and why, before we take it on and adopt it as our own “truth”.

“Truth cannot be transferred,
truth cannot be handed over to you by somebody else, because it is not a
commodity. It is not a thing, it is an experience.” Osho

Message me. Comment. Let’s chat. At least think about it.

With love.



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In conventional speak, John McInroy is a South-African born social activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. In more authentic terms, Bodhi is a human you may see walking the streets barefoot trying to find new ways to tread as lightly as possible.

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  • Jim Eshelman says:

    I believe cultural influences are so powerful, Mother Teresa as example, that it is nearly impossible to have full Awareness of their impact in personal decisions.
    I think it a hard argument that she knowingly harmed others, and more easily recognized that she also was victim.

    I do believe it is a personal responsibility to work in elimination of unhealthy conventions in our cultures and institutions.

    This challenge is overwhelming. We must seek common ground for change rather than critiquing fellow victims.

    Keep posting & Namaste , Guy!

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