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I am finally not scared to really stand out and share the truth behind my story. What was really going on behind the story that most people viewed through a small screen on their phone. I shared what I could through that same screen for so long but in truth it didn’t come close to the full picture.

This is me. Butterfly Man

Funnily enough, it was through the small screen of my phone where the real story also came to life. With the spark coming from a beautiful friend of mine, Steve, who read a draft blog I wrote one night back in August 2017 about the last 12 months of my life and what had happened to me in that year where I just about gave up. He replied to me and said, “Bodhi, let’s meet for lunch”. At lunch he said, “Bru, this is not a blog, this is your first book!”

That was it. The rest is history.

What Steve didn’t expect was that in less than a month I would email him a 77 000-word first manuscript – the rawest most vulnerable writing of my life – all written in the Notes Section of my iPhone. I will never forget his email response:

“WTF!! You wrote a 75000 word book in 15 days straight, typing on your iphone!!! You are a beast bro. When you walked to PMB from Ct in 30 days and then ran Comrades afterwards I knew you were one of a kind but now that is confirmed. Unbelievable Bodhi!”

From giving up, and being able to finally let go of so many things that were weighing me down and making me sick, I allowed so much to enter into my life! For that I am truly grateful, and to be on the verge of sharing my deepest darkest secrets with you in the hope that it can help you in some way seems totally unbelievable.

It’s been such a crazy, vulnerable roller-coaster ride to get to where I am today with so many heartfelt contributions. What the Butterfly Man has become, truly is a miracle and I believe in the message it carries and the questions I hope it ignites us to ask. I wouldn’t share what I am sharing if it didn’t truly believe in this.

As you may know the launch of my book is part of something much bigger – The Feel for Real Program in partnership with Oom Ray (editor/ co-writer of my book) and Cristina (mother hen of Olive Retreat) including the Launch of a Program designed for Writers with an important message to share in the world. I can’t wait for more people to experience the magic of our home base in Khao Tao, Thailand. Just waking up there and being there, magic flows!

There is so much to say, but one thing I cannot leave out is to share with you the birth of Hard on Karma Creations (www.hardonkarma.com, will  be ready by ‪22/2‬) – who is the publisher of Butterfly Man. We hope to facilitate the rise of Writing Revolutionaries to help us co-create a new gentler world to live in. I have met many Writers who have important messages to share but have no idea of the process involved and often this leaves their work unknown. We would like to support you not only in the writing and publishing process but also in making your life as sustainable and healthy as possible. We cannot change the world unless we truly look after ourselves. And how we look after ourselves determines how we treat others. How we treat others determines how others treat themselves. It all begins with ourselves.

Here is a video that gives you an overview of the Butterfly Man Campaign. I am fully open to the magic and vulnerability of this process. Thanks to all of you, I have had the faith to jump off the cliff and keep free-falling as I know the net will appear!

Ideas, collaborations or book launches anywhere around the world would be welcome. So far, we are focusing on South Africa but are looking forward to opportunities in the USA, UK or Australia – actually to anywhere the Universe directs us.

I will be in Dublin at the end of June so I welcome any opportunities while I am there. I am also teaching/ facilitating at two amazing festivals in Ängsbacka, Sweden at the end of July, until the beginning of August. And I will be teaching/ facilitating  at a beautiful festival called Retreat Yourself outside Cape Town ‪from 8-11 March‬. Thank you to so many special people for believing in me.

Now that you know what’s going down, please get in touch with me if any of the above jumps at you and says “I want IN!” I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me or comment below and we can go into more detail!

If you have ordered books via my Crowdfunding Campaign, I will start signing and sending your copies of Butterfly Man ‪from Friday, 23 February.‬ I promise to be as present as I can so you can really feel my love and gratitude for your support in this. After you have read the book, I would love to hear from you personally. Please feel free to share your feelings, reviews on social media – whatever comes up, no matter what that is! It’s so important to me that you honour  your true feelings!

If you would like to order a signed first edition copy of Butterfly Man it’s not too late. You can see the book rewards and a list of other rewards to support the Butterfly Man take off: http://www.thundafund.com/project/_butterflyman

To everyone who can make it to the Langa Launch this Thursday 22/2 – I really can’t wait to share this intimate evening with you. If you haven’t already, please sign the guest list: https://www.oliveretreat.com/butterfly-man

Those of you unable to make it, please join me on Facebook Live ‪from 18h30‬ SAST ‪on Thursday 22/2‬. Your support flooding the digital super highway with Butterfly Man love is HUGE: https://www.facebook.com/john.mcinroy1

So much love and gratitude to you!

John / Bodhi / Sipho or whoever you know me as!



Butterfly Man Facebook page
Butterfly Man instagram: @butterflyman2018

Photo taken by Phumzile Malotana, Langa, South Africa (my beautiful friend)


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