Let go of what others think

By December 31, 2016Podcast

I have taken a long time – my whole life so far (!) to work this out – but I have finally cottoned on! If we let go of what others think, it will help us remain in the present and fully able to enjoy the magic of life as it unfolds!

Thinking about what others think is so pointless, it doesn’t even exist and yet it takes up so much room and is so heavy for us to carry around and takes our attention away from what is right in front of us; it’s no surprise life gets a little big on us and we can’t help taking things so seriously!

We may even start to see all the beauty that life has to offer, that was there all along, we just couldn’t see it! We may start to see we don’t need anything that is not already here to experience joy and happiness and gratefulness, and who knows we may even begin to feel more kindness, more compassion and more human and see this in others.

A beautiful saying I came across in Thailand that “says it all”:-

“Whatever is here is everywhere, whatever is not here is nowhere”

Pause with this for a moment!

Thank you to my brother Siv Ngesi (twitter: @iamSivN ) for not caring what others think of you! Your presence is shaking the world, you ain’t seeking anyone’s permission, you ain’t waiting for no man! While other people are trying to “perfect” before they share it with the world or worrying what other people will think Siv is in the arena ! Swinging for the fence, making mistakes, having a say, changing his mind, playing, singing, dancing, laughing, posing with his shirt off (& pants!) and making a good kind of dent in the world! This “imperfect” podcast is inspired by you!

I see you, I love you and I am with you! You remind me of this:

“It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


About Bodhi

In conventional speak, John McInroy is a South-African born social activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. In more authentic terms, Bodhi is a human you may see walking the streets barefoot trying to find new ways to tread as lightly as possible.


  • Shelley says:

    “The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep. You become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom” Osho

    What an awesome podcast to go into 2017 with! Thank you for sharing! I think we should all begin the New Year becoming lions 🙂

  • Trevor Black says:

    There is a beautiful scene in the movie ‘Race’ where the Coach teaches Jesse Owens to focus, and ignore the abuse that is not helpful or from a good place. Being selective about whose opinion we care about, and where we choose to apply our energy is crucial. Otherwise the trolls eat us

  • Denay says:

    Hello John,

    How are you doing? Happiest happiest new year to you my friend ❤❤❤❤. I agree whole heartedly and have also come to understand that to be effective & fulfill our great purpose in people’s lives- we need to let go of their opinion of us – to be free to do what God leads us to do.

    Love u very much,
    Denay ❤❤

  • Shan says:

    Hey John
    Happy New Year, I have been meaning to comment on this blog, but the holidays and time to sit and write eluded me.
    I am so happy that you are experiencing the true joy of “letting go” of what others think while you are still so young. This has been my precise path, and it was only once I truly let all of this go, that the ability to really speak out and write down how I feel became possible.
    The journey is rich and exciting even though sometimes scary as in doing this you allow yourself to be vulnerable.
    Take good care and have a fantastic year.

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