The greatest gift of all

By December 28, 2016Podcast

For so long I grappled with why I didn’t like the question “what do you do?” And there are many reasons for this but none of them as compelling as the one I am finally aware of!

Today’s podcast is about why I believe we should stop asking the question “what do you do?” and focus on what’s right in front of us!

It is true, it is called the present for it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others! And being in the present will change the way we experience life!

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Much love!

There was even a celebratory rainbow up in the sky while I was recording!



About Bodhi

In conventional speak, John McInroy is a South-African born social activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. In more authentic terms, Bodhi is a human you may see walking the streets barefoot trying to find new ways to tread as lightly as possible.


  • Molly says:

    Wow!!!!! great Stuff!!!! essential stuff!!! thanks for sharing!!!!
    Much love
    Molly Willowmore

    • John says:

      Molly! Molly! Molly! SO happy you listened & glad it sparked something in you too! Thank you! Love to El-Anne and everyone in Willowmore! Can’t wait to see you all soon! With love!

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