John is a sought-after speaker and he accepts speaking engagements locally and internationally.

Over the past 6 years John has delivered speeches to organisations and companies in various sectors including Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, Legal, Education, Sport, Advertising, Food and Beverage, Tourism, Auditing/Tax, Consulting, Automobile, Media, IT, Non Profit and Conferences.


Some Of John’s Core Talk Topics

Wherever you go, go with your heart. The objective of this talk is to be a spark to connect you with what it is in your heart that makes you who you are and makes you come alive, and hopefully give you the courage to follow it.

Sawubona – I see you. This talk goes into the heart of what it means to be South African and our responsibility to learn more about all the people that make us who we are. I am because you are. This talk also relates to people across the world as we realise that all our actions affect each other and the same principles apply. This talk is very suitable for organisations and firms who are made up of a wonderful variety of different people working together.

Leadership with Integrity & Challenging Status Quo. Sometimes we don’t realise how harmful the status quo is and that we are part of it. This can apply to massive social issues as well as specific parts of your business that perhaps have been done that way for many years but are not necessarily the best way to do things. The aim of this talk is to get you to assess your reality and identify any status quos that no longer serve.

Education in South Africa. The importance of a thoughtful, committed focus on South African education and the impact it can have across all persistent inequalities that exist. As Madiba said “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. This talk is meant to give us all a means in which we can contribute towards our shared future.

Philanthropy in South Africa. An insight into John’s experience of this world and how we can really impact our future and not allow our investments to go to waste.

The importance of having fun along the way. John being John. John has a unique gift of being able to bring people together and having a lot of fun in the process.

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