John McInroy is a ….change-agent, social entrepreneur, ultra-endurance athlete, philanthropist”, social activist, international field hockey player, model, actor, public speaker and author of searingly honest, harrowing, almost cataclysmic” book Butterfly Man. He founded two social movements, Red Socks Friday, a movement that is connecting people all over the world, and the Unogwaja Charitable Trust with its very own Unogwaja Challenge, the legendary annual 1,650km, 10−day bike ride from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg (which John has done on foot) followed by the 89km Comrades Marathon on day 11. John has an MBA from the University College of Dublin’s Graduate Business School, awarded through the “Ideas for the Future” scholarship. He is also known as “Prem Bodhi” (or just “Bodhi”), a Sanskrit name meaning Love Awareness given to him and accepted in Pune, India, and “Sipho” a name meaning “gift” in Xhosa, given to him in Langa, his home when he is in Cape Town. He shares a house with Ntuthu Tsolekile, mother of former South Africa cricketer Thami Tsolekile. Larry Claassen of the Financial Times said after an interview with John that, “you don’t meet John McInroy, you experience him.

John (Bodhi) is a certified 300hr Jivamukti yoga teacher. The study and practice of yoga and tantra is having a great influence on his life and ever evolving life view and approach to activism for which he is deeply grateful. 

John continues to serve actively as Founder and member of Board of Trustees of Unogwaja Charitable Trust and red socks movement which is now fully part of Unogwaja Charitable Trust.

John is co-founder, along side Butterfly Man editor Emile Raymond, and founder of Olive Retreat, Cristina Azcárate of Hard On Karma Creations.

Simple but powerful words that I hope inspire you as much as they inspire me:

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu: I am because you are

Sthira sukham asanam: May your connection to the earth be steady and joyful

Breathe more, think less, you are free.

Whatever is here is everywhere, whatever is not here is nowhere


This blog presents some perspectives that I hope may spark you to question your reality and even take a step or two towards creating a new one.

A new world!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.