Black Panther is great for a black movie

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Da fuck?!

What does that even mean? It was a really good movie considering it was made by black people with mostly black actors in it? How about – Black Panther is one of the best movies ever?!

It’s how I feel and what I witness in Langa, South Africa too. It seems you can only be the best Langa person, not the best. That is total bullshit and Langa residents have constantly showed themselves to be among the best. Fullstop. Not just in Langa.

At the end of Black Panther, the King of Wakanda offers their help to the rest of the world at a UN summit. And a UN delegate replies condescendingly something along the lines of “What does an African nation of poor farmers have to offer the rest of the world?”

TSEK! We have to stop allowing people to convince us of our lack of worth, value, respect. We have to stop underestimating ourselves. There are people who yearn for what we have, and no amount of money in the world can buy what Langa has. Love, connection, respect, resilience, togetherness, open doors, less walls, barefeet, hope. Community. To name but a few words that capture the magic of Langa.

It’s how I am feeling about my crowdfunding campaign. People keep telling me it’s done so well for a South African crowdfunding campaign. Because it’s a South African campaign it can only be average at best. Or what about this one – “Well done it’s so amazing for your first book!” As in don’t expect much for your first book. It should only be average or mediocre at best.

Daaaa fuck?! I ain’t listening to this shit!

Please help Butterfly Man become a truly great campaign and not just a great South African campaign. It is an amazing book not just an amazing first book. It just happens to be my first book! And it truly is amazing campaign where we have created various platforms to share what we truly believe in and make it more accessible to more people. I will share whatever I know and what I have been through so it doesn’t die inside me. I promise I wouldn’t be sharing what I have shared unless I felt it could really make a difference in other people’s lives. In the world.

“We must find a way to look after one another, as if we were one single tribe.” Bring the walls down, open the doors, hold out your hands. Let’s create a new more gentle future together. If you want to see this in action. Come to Langa. I stay in a beautiful AirBnB and there is space for you!

You might discover what the King of Wakanda says to the UN, “More connects us than separates us”.

There are 10 days left in my Butterfly Man campaign. And I am not the only one who believes in it! This is no bullshit. A lady called Ameeta flew down from Johannesburg for the launch on Thursday and after finishing the book the day after sent me this:

“Just know that this is a real game changer. I have read many, many books in my life and was always scared to say something like ‘this is the best book I have read’ cos what if something better is out there.. but I am very sure that so far this is the best book I have read. I love the way it’s presented, the layout.. it’s non conformity.. and the poetic language. It’s so awesome. It was said at your launch that this book is not for everyone. I think that it is. It must be! This has the potential to be an international best seller. We just have to market it right”

I ain’t hiding. I ain’t dimming my light. I’m not settling for anything but as bright as I can be.

In Black Panther, it was stated death is better than bondage. Well it feels like bondage if we allow ourselves to be dictated to by the environment in which we have been born into.

I remember when I set the dream goal for my campaign people were like “bless his soul” (it was like they were giving me no chance and they laughed at my false hope and optimism) Well we are more than 20% towards that DREAM target with over 150 epic humans behind this and part of it. We really can get there and I know for sure if you give up you definitely won’t.

I know we have the product, now we just have to get the marketing budget and media attention to give this a real go to fulfill its potential. With your help we really can reach R500,000 and give us a real chance to see the full extent of Butterfly Man’s wings! I really believe it!

Options to help:

1. Buy a signed book or two (or three – buy to give to people who you feel will benefit) via Thundafund (Aramex have offered free delivery for first 100 books in SA and a discounted rate for rest of the world):
2. Read the book as soon as you get it and write about your experience publicly. This will help massively create the Butterfly Effect we are looking for. Don’t hold back any of your feelings. Tell us how you really feel about it.
3. Book me for a talk at your organization/ firm/ at your home/ in a park/ at a festival including 10 signed first edition copies of BM. Intimate conversation is so important and so healing; don’t allow it to fester and grow into dis-ease or dysfunction. Embracing change and creation are such important elements in the changing world and being able to let go of the good and welcome the great is life changing. This will be a R20,000 investment in yourself and your company/ team/ family.
4. Come as an individual or small group to our incredible Feel for Real retreat ( ) in Thailand part of our ongoing Feel for Real Program. The best investment you can make in your life is to invest in yourself. A special person told me this a few years ago at a crossroads in my life and everything has changed for the better since I really embraced this. This is a R20,000 investment in your own health and wellbeing for a 7 day retreat in paradise, full board (healthy cooking classes) and lodging, all the teaching and 5 signed copies of BM as well as ongoing support thereafter.
5. Invest in what we are doing. We have established our own publishing organization called Hard on Karma Creations ( as well as an incredible health and support program with Olive Retreat. Be involved in something great. For us to ignite this campaign we need R500,000 or thereabouts. We can discuss various options for such an agreement or contribution and come up with something that really inspires all parties involved.
6. Share this blog with someone you think would love to help and be part of it. Share it via social media. Shout it from the rooftops!!!

much love to you all!!An extra insight for those Trojan readers who go all the way to the end!

Did anyone else get surprised in Black Panther when M’Baku, the King of the Jabari tribe teases the American CIA officer called Ross:

“If you say one more word, I’ll feed you to my children!” M’Baku bellows.
When Ross immediately clams up and looks visibly shaken, M’Baku laughs. “I’m kidding. We’re vegetarians.”

Living in a Xhosa community, one of the myths I want to dispel is around the meat/ animal eating culture. Traditionally and historically, Xhosa culture is closer to veganism/ vegetarianism that we think. In rural communities animals would be slaughtered (by the people who eat it) only for milestone celebrations, the rest of the time Xhosas would eat modestly from the land. It is only in modern days that the cheap factory produced animals has swept through and made people feel like they can’t do without it and as if it’s “cultural”. That’s exactly what the meat industry want you to believe while they completely destroy the world and ourselves cancer by cancer, heart disease by heart disease perpetuating a violent culture of rape and murder on our plates.

Chickpeas anyone?!


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