This is everyone’s story. This isn’t just a book. It’s a guidebook to a healthier new world. It’s part of an educational initiative that seeks to inspire others to look for more honest answers, to see through the institutions that have made us sick, and find the energy to create our own solutions.

After reading BM people write:

I am so jazzed up I have been writing for days every second I get a chance

I am moved by an energy source that is so powerful it lights up this planet

I can’t stop writing

Nothing has changed in the world around me but everything has changed inside me and the whole world looks different

I wrote for two hours non stop after reading BM and now I write every day it’s crazy

I have begun painting again and I feel so much energy I have never felt this good

Our goal for Butterfly Man is to inspire a generation of people to find creative solutions to the world’s problems that energize them. We are in this together!


John McInroy’s epic Feel f’ Real initiative and “searingly honest, harrowing, almost cataclysmic” book Butterfly Man was launched in Langa, South Africa on 22.2.2018, and this South African initiative and inspiration is now set for Johannesburg, Dublin, London, and the USA, starting March 16th.


Nobody understands mixing it up better than the nation of South Africa, with a rich history of creativity and diverse populations all struggling for voice and representation. What better than another South African activist leading the world into a new era, with better methods, better understandings and better long term vision for humanity. A healthy one.
The “great South African change-agent, social entrepreneur, ultra-endurance athlete, philanthropist”, social activist, international field hockey player, model, actor and public speaker, Bodhi John McInroy, now takes his already successful South African inspired new initiative Feel f’ Real and autobiographical novel Butterfly Man to the rest of the world. Both initiatives operate in harmony to help those who seek to effect creative and positive change in their lives and the worlds around them, but need guidance and support for the process. The program includes the guidebook, Butterfly Man, and an initial week-or-more Feel f’ Real course in which individuals are given the knowledge, resources and support they require to enable healthy, creative, meaningful, measurable and lasting change in their lives and the world.


“Just want to reiterate how truly amazing I found Butterfly Man! Your book is the ultimate emotional roller coaster ride – searingly honest, harrowing, almost cataclysmic, deeply touching, inspirational and uplifting, and in the final analysis life affirming and an absolutely irresistible catalyst for change!”
“A modern day masterpiece and true personally odyssey bursts with courage and asks the questions that are in everyone’s hearts about what is real success and happiness.”
“I urge you to read this book as . . .” Butterfly Man is the perfect handbook for all those who want to make a change to a better and more equal world, through their own awakened creativity. Often, as in case of John, this desire springs from pain experienced within. Though we all have different sources for our pain, we can identify with nearly all forms of pain, and pain is very real. We want to hear all the stories and help heal all the suffering. Together we can create awareness and real change.
This is the true story of John McInroy, a South African disciple of Mandela. His amazing journey from huge suffering to greater healing is edited by Emile Raymond in a language that makes you feel for real.

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